Palace of Dreams

€6,00 per Unit

Jacco Müller & Victor Ghannam 2012
Mihrab Records

In the summer of 2009, Jacco produced/recorded and composed eight new works to bring together the worlds of Spanish Flamenco Guitar and Middle-Eastern Oud (performed by Victor Ghannam), resulting in his 2009 release, Viento del Desierto.

In 2012, Jacco and Victor joined forces again to collaborate on recording Palace of Dreams. On this dynamic new recording, listeners will hear Jacco performing on flamenco and electric guitar, and Victor on oud, qanoun, and electric oud.

Working together, Müller and Ghannam unite different worlds and cultures, using lyrics in English, Spanish, Arabic, and French, combining them with Middle Eastern percussion, Indian tablas, and a rocking telecaster.

  1. Angel Azul 3:59
  2. Patio de los Leones 4:47
  3. Palace of Dreams 3:56
  4. Wandering Nomads 6;57
  5. Velvet Moonlight 5:54
  6. WaHee 1.28
  7. Spirits of the Night 3:08
  8. Ro'oya 2:19
  9. Old Snake Boots 2:24
  10. Turquoise Sky 1:45
  11. Raq's Al Sultan 7:20
  12. Mirador de Daraxa 4:24
  13. Dusty Roads 1:47
  14. Reflections 4:57

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